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Specials and fast movers


Oil & Filter Service:

Factory recommended synthetic oil is in stock.

With 25 items check sheet to get sure all of the fluids under the hood are filled, lights are working, tire pressure adjusted, and more. 

All, while you wait and service reminder has been reset.


Annual Service & Pre-purchase inspection:


We have most comprehensive inspection list- more than 150 point status kept on file for every vehicle we do complete inspection.  

   This list is used for every Scheduled maintenance service: BMW inspection 1 and 2; Mercedes Benz A, B, 15k, 30K, and 60K services; or when some one buying or selling and wants to know mechanically everything about that car.

This list includes, but not limited to systems of: Air condition, Brake, cooling, exhaust, steering, and suspension. Engine, Transmission, ABS, and SRS modules (computers) are checked for code. Components are also checked for leak.  

We believe our customers are entitled to know status of every safety & performance related item in their cars, so for one year (between the services) drive with peace of mind that there be no surprises while in commute. 


Brakes- The most important system in every car.

A complete brake inspection is performed and measurements are recorded whenever brakes are checked.

We use factory parts for quiet & efficient braking


Regular Services


1)     Air condition, we can tune up your system to have coolest summer.

2)     Automatic climate control- diagnostic and repair.

3)     Cooling System: Today�s cars designed to run hotter for low emission purposes.  And with All the Aluminums parts used, overheating has become number one engine killer.  If you have a temperature gauge which likes to sit higher than normal or wants to climes up to red mark; don�t delay, we like to see your car ASP.

4)     Computerized & Electronic system control (Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, Etc.) Our software updated regularly to do latest models.   And we research regularly to stay on top of the fast changing technology.

5)     Electrical Systems Services: From Most simple tests and replacement of battery, Alternator, Starter to hard to find intermittent electrical problem are part of our menu.

6)     Exhaust system: Exhaust manifold, Catalytic converter, mufflers, pipes and joints diagnosing and replacement are part of our service. 

7)     Fuel: Our equipment & knowledge covers latest models. And we still have older models testers

8)     Steering System: Nothing is worse than a hard steering in parking lot or loose steering in freeway.  All the components of steering system get checked in Annual maintenance service and Buyers inspection (pre purchase inspection). Or whenever there is an issue with the steering system.

9)     Suspension: Shocks & every joint and bushings in both front and rear suspension gets checked in annual maintenance and whenever there is an issue with handling, noise, or tire wear.

10) Electrical windows, motor and regulators diagnoses and repair

11)  Wiper system & many other system and component in your car is part of our daily work to diagnose and replace bad part.


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